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modeling in japan? 2008/5/13 09:43
Can a person from America be a model in Japan? How does it work? Do you have to send photos? How old do you have to be and is there a certain height?

Sorry for all the questions I'm just curious and I'm thinking about being a model.
I am 16 years old and 5'3...but I have no modeling experience.
by Trish  

moeling in tokyo 2008/5/13 12:58
from what i've read, american models are popular in tokyo. Generally blonds and brunets do better than red heads. Make sure the agencies you contact are reputable ones, check out Bravo models and Visage inc. on the web. Hope this helps some(:
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Japan 2008/5/13 15:06
Basically if you could model in your home country and can put together a professional portfolio, then you could model in Japan. Your height might be an issue here as well I'm afraid. Try contacting some agents as recommended above though and see what they say.
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thank you 2008/5/14 08:22
And another question, are there a lot of teen models that are filipinos...specifically the tanner ones?
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model 2008/5/14 14:05
I have to say truthfully that the way you're describing yourself, it is not likely that you'd be successful as a model in Japan. You could try but usually the cutoff for a model is 5'8'', and that's the minimum, or in the professional business at least. It could be slightly different in Japan considering people in Japan are a bit shorter, but I'd think you'd have to have an exceptionally unique look. People of European descent(or, white) have a much higher chance of succeeding. I would get a professional's honest opinion though.
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modelling 2008/5/14 19:21
I have not noticed any teen models who are Filipinas. Most teen models are Japanese or half Japanese, half Caucasian. The tanner ones tend to be tanned Japanese girls.
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Dark skin tone 2008/5/15 01:38
I have a photography side business, and did numerous model shoot. In most cases, they don't want models with a darker skin tone. There are several reason, but all surrounding on how makeup color and clothing color would stand out in pictures.
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.... 2008/5/16 11:53
Yeah, I thought that skin tone was an issue, but thank you all for the help.
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if you are white or half, you are lucky 2008/5/16 14:01
modeling in japan is way different from that of western countries. here, the main focus is your face. if you have really unique and beautiful face, then you dont have to be that tall to be a model in japan.

also I have to say that if you are a decent-looking white, you are 100 times likely to be a model than a really beautiful japanese women. Sadly Japan is obsessed with whiteness, so just being white gives you a lot of opportunities to work in the industry. seriously, I know some kids from my school that are modeling for fashion magazines but they are FREAKIN nurdy looking!!!!! I am so sad there are much more unqualified white models in japan than those beautiful japanese people who deserve to be models. (dont get me wrong, i think white people are beautiful too)

so my answer is just come to japan and contact modeling agencies. if you are okay looking, you can be a model
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pro vs amateur 2008/5/16 17:19
Depends on what kind of modeling you want to do. To be a pro model, making a living, you have to meet the same model standards as anywhere else. However there are more opportunities for people who would not make it as a model in their home countries to have small modeling jobs- for example, I am an average-to-pretty blonde girl, 5'5''. Here in Japan I've done some department store and local festival fashion shows and some printwork for local brands, which I never would have been considered for back home, but I got the jobs because I was blonde and available. The pay is pretty low ($100 or less per show), but it's a lot of fun. So if you come here as a student or English teacher and just want to try some modeling things come up. But coming over just to model would be very difficult, especially at 5'3''
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