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Dual Citizenship Japanese Canadian 2008/5/13 17:46
I am a Japanese-Canadian whom is planning to work in Japan in September. Apparently, I have Japanese citizenship (I was born before 1985).

I was wondering if anyone could inform me about the whole dual citizenship and passport thing.

by Naruto  

You're asking here ? 2008/5/13 21:41
I would have thought a phone call or letter to the Japanese consulate would get you the most informed answer.
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re 2008/5/22 10:28
as far as i know - the requirement for having a japanese citizenship is that it is your ONLY citizenship.

in other words - if you have f.e. US citizenship and want to have japanese, then you need to discard the us.

so in your case - you probably wont be able to have canadian one if you try to keep japanese either.

but - the best thing is to really ask consulate:)
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