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Send international fax from Japan? 2008/5/13 18:14

I need to send a fax from Japan to Canada.

I've been looking online and can't find any info on what I need to dial to send FROM Japan. I can only find information on what to dial to send TO Japan.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks very much!!!
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... 2008/5/13 18:29
The international dialing code for the US and Canada is 1

So dial 001 + 1 + area code + phone number.

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Old technology 2008/5/13 18:35

Thank you so much!!

I rarely send faxes.
Is it secure to send important information via fax?

I am under a deadline.
I was thinking of sending it express mail but in the past, it's taken only two days to get across the ocean but then ONE MONTH once it's gotten into the hands of Canadian courier service!
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.. 2008/5/13 23:15
"Is it secure to send important information via fax?"

I think it completely depends on the kind of "important information" you want to send. Why not just ask the reciever? As far as I know, the common universal procedure of sending important information is to reconfirm by phone or email in advance. Btw, I suppose it's not possible to send by PDF and such, right?
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PDF 2008/5/14 12:57
The form that I'm sending was originally a PDF form that i filled out.

The office said I could fill out the form and send it back by e-mail or I could print it out and fax it.

However, I couldn't type anything into the pdf file.

My friend told me that you can't type into pdf files so I don't know what the office meant by filling it out and sending it back as an attachment. Any ideas?
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... 2008/5/14 14:00
If the pdf form was set up properly you should be able to download it, fill out the proper fields on your computer, resave, and email it back to them.

If you are finding that this isn't the case then it may just be easier to fax it.
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Their mistake... I think?? 2008/5/14 14:10
Thanks yllwsmrf.

I did download it to the computer I'm using and when I opened it again, it opened in Adobe Reader. Do I need a different program to fill out the form or is this just a case where the office made the mistake and didn't properly format their file in the first place?
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... 2008/5/14 15:02
that could definitely be it. I've never made one myself, just filled them out. I've never had trouble just filling in blanks so it could definitely be the way the document was created.
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PDF 2008/5/14 17:23
I have to say I'm a computer idiot, but indeed there seems to be PDFs that can be arranged and those that cannot be arranged. I've been recieving a series of PDFs in which I can't even copy & paste, and everyone involved on this job says it's not possible to copy & paste these particual PDF files.

However, if the original sender of your PDF file says you can fill it out, maybe you can. You should ask the sender, otherwise just fax it back.
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Sending locations 2008/5/15 08:01
Thanks everyone for your help and advice.

I went to 4 convenience stores yesterday but none of them fax internationally!

Also, because of the huge time difference, it's pretty difficult to send the fax when someone will actually be there to receive it.

ARGH! This is so frustrating!
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some thoughts 2008/5/15 09:07
So you don't have a fax machine at home. Have you tried asking Kinkos? Or perhaps it's easier to ask a friend who has a fax machine (most Japanese residents has a fax machine) and pay for it on the spot.


Also, I assume it is not possible for you to send the fax while the receiver is not there. Have you also concidered re-typing the format and sending it by ordinary email? Maybe you should ask the receiver how you can fill in the PDF after all.
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Uco, you know more than me! :) 2008/5/15 23:59

I'm SUCH a computer idiot (as you can all tell from my inane questions).

Well, an idiot about all things technological, actually.

But I thought that faxes could be received even if no one was there (if it's strictly a fax number and not a fax/phone number)?

If not, boy, that would make it even harder to send with the time difference!

I e-mailed them this morning to tell them about my problems with the PDF but haven't heard back. I hope I hear back soon since this is on a deadline.

I'm waiting till midnight here when it gets to be a decent work hour there.
Hopefully someone answers my e-mail so I can get down to the Kinkos at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning!
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fax can usually be sent 24/7 2008/5/16 00:56
Of course fax can be recieved without the attendance of the receiver, even if it is a fax+phone number. All you have to do is to send the fax to their fax+phone number, and to make sure, you can email them later and tell them you sent the fax.

But you wrote, "because of the huge time difference, it's pretty difficult to send the fax when someone will actually be there to receive it." so I assumed that you wanted to make sure a certain person physically grabs the fax message before it gets lost or something. That's what I meant. Sorry for the confusing expression.
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only more questions... 2008/5/17 08:08
Uco, ok! I get what you were saying! Sorry!

I e-mailed the office to ask if I needed a certain program to fill out the form, etc. and I got a response today that said:

"You can not fill out the form online. You have to print it out and then fill it out. Then you can send it back by e-mail or fax."

HOW do you send it back by e-mail?

And that response was from their technical support staff!
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... 2008/5/17 10:02
sounds like they're not the most tech savy place, it was probably a feat for them to get the pdf up in the first place.

anyway, if you were to email it back then the only way I can think of would be to scan it and then email the scan.

if you have enough time you could alway mail it back. Otherwise it looks like you're going to have to find a place that will allow you to send a fax overseas.
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nothing complicated 2008/5/17 12:02
I agree with Yllwsmrf on the procedures, but their reply doesn't seem odd to me at all.

They're simply saying that "You are free to contact us by email instead of fax" which means that you can scan your filled-out format into PDF and attach it to your email (which I've never done), or I suppose you can re-type the whole thing into an email format. You know, like "NAME: Uco Blah, ADDRESS: Blah Blah 12345..."

It seems that all they're saying is "Just fill it out and inform the contents to us. We can be contacted by either email or fax."

And don't you have a friend with a fax machine, btw?? Anyway, maybe you should just phone a Kinkos.
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... 2008/5/20 09:06
Well, it's a long weekend in Canada so I'm still hoping that they write me back about some questions I asked in regards to the actual content of the form before I fax it.

I don't have a friend with a fax machine so I will have to go into Tokyo to the Kinko's once the form content gets sorted out.

Thank you for all your help!
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