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Japanese business associates gifting 2008/5/14 10:31
My husband has Japanese business associates who give me (his wife) gifts when they come to town. Is there a meaning to these gifts? The last item was a marvelous set f carved wooden spoons and some small confections. And is it appropriate for me to write a thank you note?
by Tisha  

.. 2008/5/14 11:35
In Japan, it is customary for people to bring souveniors from home when traveling long distance. In a businessman's case, it might mean, "I care about your family, and hope to keep a good relationship with you which will hopefully lead to better business."

In Japan, it is customary to write a thank you note in return. It shows that you appreciate the gifts. I personally think that thank you notes also work as a small bond between the reciever and the sender, especially when you haven't met them. Of course, if you don't really appreciate them, notes aren't necessary. I only write to those I'm thankful for.
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Response to note 2008/5/17 06:53
Thank you for responding. These gentlemen have been very gracious each time we have met, and I do appreciate their thoughtfulness. The gifts are definitely carefully chosen - they seem to know my joy for gardening and other personal traits. I believe I shall write a note since so much thought was put into the gift.
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