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Buying a Furisode in Japan 2008/5/14 14:38
Where would be a good place and time to buy a furisode in either Tokyo or Kyoto? I understand the price may be very high so even places selling vintage ones would be fine.
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buying a furisode 2008/5/14 16:52
In Tokyo, you can check out some shrine sales - they are usually on Sunday at various locations, if you say exactly when you are coming we can check for particulars (or if you read Japanese do a google search for s and you can find websites with listings).
The Oriental Bazaar in Omotesando has many kimono - they are in good condition, though I think their prices are higher than those at shrine sales. Also in Omotesando, at the first intersection after the Harajuku Subway stop (I'm sure it has a name, I just don't know what it is), I have encountered a vendor with obi, yukata and kimono, right there on the street corner. I haven't been there in quite a while but it used to be he was there on Sunday in nice weather. He would bargain a bit.
I am not familiar with Kyoto but I understand there is a big monthly flea market and I would imagine you can get one there - I'm sure others from this forum will chime in with definite information.
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clarification 2008/5/14 16:54
The intersection I'm talking about is not right there at the pedestrian overpass, at the entrance to the Meiji shrine, it's the next one, where Condomania is. Or was. Not much of a landmark if it's gone, I guess.
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thanx for the info 2008/5/15 12:47
Thanx for the information. I will be in Tokyo in early to mid June. I would really appreciate if you could steer me towards some of these shrine sales.
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