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could manga be made in europe 2008/5/14 23:40
hello! i live in portugal! i'm a great designer and writter, not to mention an original one(not jokin!. i allways wanted to be a mangaka but there's little info on companies here that are willing to work on manga. isn't any companie in europe willing to publish my work? and if so, is there a change that i may be assigned to japan? i would really apreciate any help.
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Manga 2008/5/16 04:46
France has a big "Manga" industry. They are called "bandes dessinees" and very serious bookstores have a whole section devoted to them.There is an international festival in the town of Angouleme every year (next is January 2009). There are monthly magazines too. The most famous and perhaps oldest, already published in the 1960s, is "Metal hurlant". The US version is called Heavy Metal. Check French magazines and books in the best bookstores in Portugal, they may have them (we get them in North America so..).
here is a list of French publishers of BD : Albin Michel - Casterman - Dargaud - Delcourt - Dupuis - Glenat - Les Humanoïdes associés - Le Lombard - Soleil - Paquet - Pika - Vents dfOuest - Futuropolis. Try to Google them. In French of course.
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not impossible 2008/5/16 08:51
"if so, is there a change that i may be assigned to japan?"

There is a couple of South Korean manga artists that are successful in Japan. These artists were originally successful in their home country S. Korea, but with the help of a bi-cultural manager, they were able to make a contract with a Japanese publisher and have a manga series translated to Japanese language so that they could publish it in Japan.

This is a very rare case, and was probably made possible because of the bi-cultural staffs and because the artists were always paying attention to the Japanese market and knew what would sell. Japanese manga had been popular in S. Korea for some time.

I'm not sure if the European artists are ready for this, but since there is a whole new and huge generation of fans and wannabes in Europe today, I wouldn't be surprised if they start to sell in Japan as the world turns into a global village.
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Manga in Germany 2008/6/29 23:19
We have some talents here in Germany. They have there own series on the marked.
But we are a young at that point (drawing manga) and we have much to learn. *smile*
(the french artist are better.)
But I think we will become better. Every year our publishing houses searching for talents and they help them to become a real artist
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Euro manga 2008/6/30 06:08
from Wikipedia about manga in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manga_outside_Japan: this is a very interesting site for mangaphiles. an excerpt: "France is noted for having a particularly strong and diverse manga market. In the 1990s, France became the second country, after Japan, reading manga worldwide. Many works that are published in France fall into genres that aren't well represented outside of Japan, such as adult oriented drama, or experimental and avant-garde
works. Early editors like Tonkam have published Hong-Kong authors (Andy Seto, Yu & Lau) or Korean authors (Kim Jae-hwan, Soo & Il, Wan & Weol and Hyun Se Lee) in their manga collection during 1995/1996 which is quite uncommon"
also--that is my 2 cents worth--et's no forget that France has a tradition of "bandes dessinees" comics for kids but more so for adults. many very serious French bookstores have a huge section of comic books.
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