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Where Can I Find Pictures Of... 2008/5/15 14:23
Does anyone know of a website where I can find pictures of Japanese-African mixed babies?
The other day my boyfriend told me he was looking at pictures of African babies and thought they were cute, but I thought it'd be nice to see if I could find pictures of mixed children. We both want children in the far future, so It'd be nice if we could look at the pictures together.

Just for reference, he's a Japanese man and I'm an African-American woman.
by niko-chan  

hm 2008/5/15 16:14
Yup, I searched quite a bit and couldn't find anything. Hope someone here can help. :)
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too specific 2008/5/15 23:30
I would be surprised and maybe a little disturbed if you could find a database of baby pictures that specific.

In any case, perhaps you can find some inspiration on Kip Fulbeck's art project site:

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hmm 2008/6/1 13:50
It's easy to find pictures of AMBW (Asian man, black woman) couples but finding specifically children isn't that easy. Some of the pictures my boyfriend found had couples with their children, but there weren't very many.

Can anyone help me find pictures? Japanese/African couples aren't too rare; just today my mom mentioned that two of the women she worked with have Japanese boyfriends.
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Can find any websites but..... 2008/6/2 02:11
I live in the UK with my Japanese wife and our friends have a girl of 3 years old who's mother is Japanese and her father is black/English (afro carribean if you like) and she is an absolute peach of a girl.
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