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Prices of electronics in Japan - cheap? 2008/5/16 23:43

I'm wondering how cheap the electronic assesories are in japan. I'm debating whether I should get a memory card for my camera before going to japan. Or whether i should get it in japan.

I'm after the sony memory stick duo 2GB. costs about US$35 here. How much am i likely to get it in japan for?

by giraffez  

... 2008/5/17 10:36
I find flash memory to be generally cheaper in the US. I just did a quick search and find it from $25-30 for a MS Pro Duo 2 gb card.

I searched http://www.kakaku.com and find the same cards for about 3000 yen but I find it to be generally much more expensive in the average electronics shop.

Basically the cheapest price is about the same both places so I'd go ahead and get it before you go and not have to worry about it.
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Option 2008/5/18 00:01
There is another option.

Get a micro-SDHC to MS Pro Duo adapter. (around 1000 yen or about $10USD)

Then get a 4G micro-SDHC card (class 6) for about 2200 yen. (or 8G for around 3200yen)
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it happens with everything 2008/5/19 08:16
As I said before, the dollar is so weak right now that you canLt hardly find things cheaper in Japan than in the US
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