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work with Japanese Sign Language? 2008/5/17 05:01

I'm a professional Finnish Sing Language interpreter and translatior. I'm currently applying for further studyes here in Finland, but I'm planning on moving to Japan in the next two years. I would like to start planning my future and making connections to Japan as soon as possible. I'm not yet skilled enough in Japanese to surf on the local web-pages in order to find the information I need to get started, so could anyone help me with these conundrums?

- where can one study Japanese Sign Language?
- is there need for a foreing Sing Language teacher in Japan?
- where are there Deaf boarding schools or Deaf public / private schools in Japan?
- has Japanese Sign Language have an official status and hence could I work as an interpreter (firts interpreting between spoken English and Japanese Sign Language) in Japan as well?
- how are Deaf referred in Japan? (seen as a linguistic and cultural community or as a handicappet and in need of medical assistance?)

All information is highly respected! Than you in advance!
by neiti sinipunainen  

found something 2008/5/17 17:14

I found some information from english web-pages. It was said there, that most Deaf schools are still oral based. Is that still the norm in EVERY Deaf school in Japan?

well, I guess i have to contact the Japanese Federation of the Deaf to get more detaild information.

Hope I'll be able to get a desent job that would be eqvalent to my education in Japan. I really have alredy moved there in my thoughs..

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