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Can we obtain visa? 2008/5/18 13:22
My husband is a Japanese, we have two kids born here in the Philippines, our names are alredy registered in his Koseki tohon but he got sick and cannot work, he said he said he could'nt apply for my Certificate of Eligibity because he has no proof of income, what can we do? please help , thanks in advance.
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embassy 2008/5/19 01:53
Is he a citizen of Japan? I don't think the certificate is necessary to get a visa, it just makes it easier or rather quicker. But if he's a citizen then you can get a visa because your a dependent along with your children. Is he just temporarily sick or has he lost his job? If he lost his job it might be better for him to find one first. A good idea is to get in contact with the Japanese Embassy closest to you.

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