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Plus Size Clothings in Shinjuku 2008/5/19 01:38
I will be staying in Shinjuku in Sep, and would like to know if there's any plus size clothing shops there. My size is 18-20 American size.
Thank you!
by Apple  

plus size 2008/5/20 05:25
check http://www.usatourist.com/

European 48 50
Japan 21 23
USA 18 20

these clothes may be very hard to find as very few Japanese women wear these sizes.
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Plus Size 2008/5/20 21:49
There is very little plus size ladies in Tokyo?
How do they find clothes?
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not average 2008/5/20 23:18
Marui Model (a section of Marui department store) is one store I know that caters for taller women and larger sizes.
Gap and Uniqlo also have a wider range of sizes than most Japanese stores.

People who are bigger than average in Japan, whether taller or wider, just have to live with a lot less of a choice- sometimes I think this is a good thing! I am 5'9" and take a US size 9 shoe, and am very limited in the number of stores I can buy anything from, even though I am not plus size.
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clothes 2008/5/21 04:24
Sira has a good point, even as a joke!! Westerners just have to accept that we can' fit in most local clothes. I am a man, barely 170cm tall and weighting 68 Kilos, but because my shoulders and chest are somewhat big I can't fit in many clothes(in North America suits pants are too wide for me!) my buddy is Japanese and he has to buy clothes in the young men/ boys section!
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online 2008/5/21 10:11
Your best bet is to find an online retailer whose clothes fit you and who will deliver internationally. Even in large department stores, the Plus sizes (also called Women or Queen size) is usually no larger than an American 10/12. Judging by what I have seen living in a city, maybe only 1-2% of urban Japanese women are larger than a US 12, so it doesn't make sense for stores to stock large sizes.

You can also just bring a big suitcase. Good luck! :)
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Isetan 2008/5/24 10:12
I assume you're already in Tokyo, right?
If so - there's a plus size sale going to be held at Isetan . Be prepared to fork out, but they have a lot of choices. It's called Special Sale and it's going to take, I think, 7th floor of main Isetan building.
You can check details on their site - http://www.isetan.co.jp/icm2/jsp/store/shinjuku/info/iclub/p... special deals are at the last page.

Right now they have Ladies Clover Bargain - which is up to Japanese size 19, but from May 28 they're going to have even larger sizes, just in case you'd need it.

Hope this helps.
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Sorry 2008/5/24 10:13
I didn't read the September part :)
But anyways - you could always check Isetan site to see if they're going to have any sales when you are here.
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Thank you 2008/5/24 13:50
Thank you Aya!
Is Isetan nearby to Shinjuku? I will be staying at Keio Plaza.
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Isetan 2008/5/24 15:20
Isetan is in east Shinjuku
5 min.walk from East Exit of Shinjuku Station (JR Line)
Exit B3, B4 and B5 of Shinjuku Sanchome Station (Toei Shinjuku Line, Marunouchi Line)
check on Japan-guide.com at http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3011.html
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