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Places everyone....Tokyo 2008/5/19 04:49
I've been going back and forth but I just don't know..does anyone know which areas are "better" for weekly or 1 month guesthouses? I see they have them literally all over Tokyo so can anyone guide me to a safe, clean, and friendly guest house? I don't mind sharing everything else, but i'd like my own room. Thank you.
by USAngel  

Where, what? 2008/5/19 09:46
What are you planning to do while in Tokyo? Do you want to be in the centre or are the suburbs okay? Which areas have you looked at so far? Give us a bit more info so we can make a better recommendation.
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Thanks for your reply 2008/5/19 10:29
As long as I can take the subway it doesn't matter if its in the center of the city or in the subs. I'll be sightseeing and visiting many areas of Tokyo. I know I don't want to stay in Roppongi though, so I guess anywhere else that is nice would be fine.
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... 2008/5/19 10:43
If you're fine with the 'burbs, there's an apartment/guest house complex in Nerima-ku called Yoshida House - I got a nice sized room for 50,000Y. The place is nice - the rooms are private and separate from the living area, so they are nice and quiet.

The place is sort of 'run-dwon', but not in a bad way. It's very earthy, with gardens and vines - overall I really enjoyed it.

There's train a few minutes from the place, so you can get anywhere, and there's some shrines and stores close to the place.

Just a suggestion.
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Very helpful thank you 2008/5/19 12:32
I will look it up. Thank you so much for your help. If anyone else knows of any, please send them along. THANK YOU!!!
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