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Guideline for applying Working Visa 2008/5/19 19:22
I have recently shifted to japan with my husband and currently I am on Dependant Visa.I would like to get my dependent visa converted to working visa.So i would like you to help me is solving this issue as in how to go about ??
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Info 2008/5/20 09:52
Check the Japan Immigration site to see if you fulfill the criteria for a working visa (you need a university degree and a job already lined up where the employer will sponsor you for the visa).

Then go to the Immigration office with the required documents and apply.

Here is a page from the Japanese government's information site- have a look at the different types of working visa and what documents are necessary.


Also a quote from the Immigration info page of this very site:


Foreigners, who wish to work in Japan, need to get a work visa from a Japanese embassy or consulate outside of Japan in order to enter the country on a status of residence permitting work.

There are over a dozen such statuses of residence, each allowing the holder to work only in a specific professional field, for example, journalism, arts, research, education, engineering, entertainment, business management, international services, etc.

If you change jobs while you are in Japan and your new job falls into a different professional field (e.g. from education to engineering), you will need to change your status of residence.

A university degree or considerable professional experience in the applicable field is required to qualify for a working visa. Most types of working visas also require you to have a prospective employer as a sponsor. Residence permission is usually granted in periods of one or three years and is extendable."

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