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Work Permit 2008/5/20 10:16
have recently shifted to japan from India,with my husband and currently I am on Dependent Visa.I would like to get my dependent visa converted to working visa and get Work Permit.I dont have any job in hand currently but would like to start working in japan. I do have a University degree and prior work experience.So i would like you to help me in solving this issue as in how to go about ??
by devi shree k  

Work visa 2008/5/20 10:32

Your other almost identical post has already been answered here...

Note that you cannot apply for a working visa until you have a job offer and sponsor lined up.
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first job, then visa 2008/5/20 17:09
If you have a university degree that's good, it means you will be eligible for a working visa. Now you have to find a job. Once you have a job lined up it is just a matter of taking the relevant documents (degree, contract etc.) to Immigration.

Before worrying about that though, you will have to find an employer.
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Part time job 2008/5/20 19:06
Does the same hold good for part time jobs as well ? i.e first a job and then Visa. I heard about PERMIT TO ENGAGE IN ACTIVITY OTHER THAN THAT PERMITTED BY THE STATUS OF RESIDENCE PREVIOUSLY GRANTED. Any idea what it is
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work on dependent visa 2008/5/20 21:16
If you only want to work part time, then you just need to apply to Immigration for permission, and you can work on the dependent visa. For full time work you need a proper work visa.
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A small clarification 2008/5/20 21:53
Thanks for your prompt support. A small clarification needed, can i walk directly to immigration for permission or i need to find an employer who will be giving me part time job?
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i think 2008/5/20 23:08
i think first you have to find the job and sighn the contract to getthe work permit..you have to submit your contract ,inorder to get the permit.hope it helps
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working 2008/5/20 23:13
For a work permit on a dependent visa you get the permission from Immigration first, and then you can work. Most employers won't consider you until they see that work permit stamp in your passport.

For a working visa it is the other way around- you must have a job offer and then you can apply for a visa.

For final clarification, why not just contact Immigration?
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Acquiring work permit 2008/5/21 05:32
I can go to Japan with no visa for 90days. I was told that it is easier for the any potential employer to sponsor me while I'm there instead of my home country. I worked as a computer desktop support person with 10+ yrs. However, I don't have a university degree. Is that even possible that an employer would sponsor someone like me ? Will it be an immigration requirement that I hold a degree? Also, does immigration really check your education background?
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Japan 2008/5/21 07:34
It's possible with your experience, but 90 days isn't much time to look. I recommend contacting the Tokyo offices of the big IT recruiters like Robert Walters and Robert Half before you arrivein Japan and see what advice they can give you- if you are lucky they may be able to set up interviews in a short time.

Yes, Immigration checks your educational background- you have to show them your original diploma, as in the paper it is written on. In your case though your experience (make sure it's documented) may well be enough).
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