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looking for arashi concert ticket 2008/5/20 18:40
i live in singapore trying to look for arashi concert ticket at tokyo dome on 14/15jun 2008
any1 have any way n method to get it?
by arashi  

I'm not sure about this 2008/5/21 22:28
why don't you try looking for it in Arashi related forums like Aibakaland and Arashian? I'm sure they can provide you with the answers you're looking for, Or you can go to Shinjuku or Harajunku and buy the tickets from those ticket shop they have? I'm pretty sure you can't miss them. But just to be sure, please check out the sites I have mentioned to you.
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good luck... 2008/5/22 11:02
The only way to get dome tickets was pretty much to have someone in the fanclub lottery for them, they were sold out ages ago. You might be able to find one using yahoo acutions, but be warned they go for hundreds of dollars, good seats hitting $1000 easily. If you know anyone in the fanclub try contacting them first- they might know someone with an extra or who can't go for whatever reason.
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thanks 2008/5/22 16:32
thanks sarah86 & kate
try already but my frenz can't get the tokyo ones.
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good luck 2008/5/23 01:28
Honestly, you'll be lucky if you can get one for those dates. You can always try the scalpers, but be prepared to fork out.
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