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Career as a hair dresser? 2008/5/20 21:04
I've been considering a career as a hair dresser, and I was wondering if such a job is reasonable to strive for in Japan. I am very creative and naturally talented at it and I enjoy so working long, hard hours is not a problem for me.

Any response is appreciated, thank you.
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... 2008/5/21 17:21
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Thank you 2008/5/21 20:06
Oh, yes, thank you. That does help. (I did look through previous questions but I went by the topic so I missed its relevancy.) I was actually considering schooling over here and then moving to Japan, but I think schooling over there would be even better (one, because I'm sure their schools are better - a reason I want to move to Japan is because they are more receptive of crazy, different and unique styles; two, it would help me get acquainted with the area and help me find possible jobs before I actually have to get one). Thank you - and I'm still looking for more responses or advice if anyone has any.
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Also... 2008/5/22 02:24
Oh, and if anyone knows what the average salary for a hairdresser in Japan is, that information would be greatly appreciated.
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