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Do you own Okwap a263 Hello Kitty? 2004/4/29 15:17
Hi there, I am looking for someone who can help me with some original downloads from this phone-I own one myself-but it has been playing up-and lost some stuff with that.Please please, anyone out there?
by Tasj  

OKWAP a263 2004/6/5 06:48

Tell me what you need to know I may be able to help you!
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Hi Sharon/Okwap a263 2004/6/11 03:47
I'm looking for the original downloads that were on there,meaning the ringtones.
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PIN LOCK 2004/7/4 22:26
Help! .. forgot the handphone pin. how do i reset it and gain access to the phone again.
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im stuck with the hello kitty phone too? 2004/7/26 00:48
i have this phone aswell and i can't get any english ringtones on it. it's quite frustrating as it's a lovely phone but can't find anywhere to download any ringtones!!! please help
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Hello Kitty Okwap a263 2004/8/25 23:00
Hi there, Im having problems with setting the alarm-it doesnt work.Is there a solution to this?I cant seem to choose a day so it wont ring.The chime sign is on though.Anybody else with this problem?
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any of the above able to help? 2004/8/26 02:58
Does anyone out there know how to get the gprs/mms settings working on this phone? I am on o2 (contract)
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please help me any 1 2004/9/10 05:20
i was thinking of gettind a hello kitty okwap phone what does everyone think ?
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Hello Kitty 2004/9/13 09:24
Hi I Just Bought The Hello Kitty Phone And I Was Wondering If Anyone Can Tell Me How 2 Get Service For The Phone In The United States. Please Email Me. Thank You 4 Ur Support. ~Kisses~
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I want a hello kitty mobile phone! 2004/9/15 00:26
Hello everyone!
Im drolling over the hello kitty phone the pink one i lurve it it loks amazing and i really want one! (DROOL over it) Where did everyone get there hello kitty phone form and if ya dont mind me aksing how much? Plz reply. Thank yaz! XxX
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X Hello Kitty phone X 2004/9/17 02:04
Heya peepz. Im really luving the Hello kitty mobile. Does any one no where i can get one from? Ive tried Ebay but they go really expensive!As much as i want one i cant really pay that price! So if anyone knows anywhere where i can get one then plz help meeee! Thank you very much! XxX :-)
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OKWAP Hello Kitty Mobile 2004/9/17 16:06
I bought my okwap Hello Kitty for AUD400.00 on ebay. It's is the most cutest thing I have ever set my eyes on but it took me a while to work everything out! I still cant work out the WAP settings so I cant receive ring tones and photo's but I love it all the same.
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HELP with FM-Radio 2004/10/6 06:23
Hi there!
Does someone know how the FM-Radio works!?
There is always the message: please insert radio
what does this mean?
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Looking for someone to repair mine 2004/10/14 00:41
Bought mine on ebay, worked for about 5 weeks, then it suddenly locked up. Now it keeps switching itself off after it tries to initialise the sim card. Cant find anyone to repair it in UK here. Anyone got any ideas ? Thanx
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kitty 2004/10/17 17:45
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English 2004/10/20 18:17
Is there any form of an english site for this phone? i find it kind of strange that they make the phone in english yet there is very little help for the actual working or downloading for it in english.
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I have a Hello Kitty mobile phone 2004/10/21 16:36
Recently brought it over the internet but afraid i won't be able to purchase batteries for it as I'm from Australia. I also didn't get any instructions. No of anyone I can get this information from?
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question and answer 2004/10/26 10:29
do you really have that phone in australia? i'm planning to sell mine there in a very cheap price when my relatives come back from australia and visit me here in my place.

I've got my FM Radio working and a really great sound it gives. you can have it worked by buying a radio headset. (that's not the one included in the package) it's a separate one. i bought one when i went to taiwan.

i think all of us are having problems in our wap/gprs settings. i thinks the problem is the phone itself fails to support us this kind of service.
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PDF english user guide 2004/10/27 11:34
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Some Instructions!!! 2004/10/27 11:59
Well I hope I can relieve some stress from all you Hello Kitty Mobile phone suckers like myself with this link i obtained. Due 2 not having a chinese translator, I was only able2 read to of the 7 pages of the document so I'm still trying, but give it a go as it has instructions with how to use the phone-u know, like the ones that FAILED to come with the phone!!!
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