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fraudulant charges on credit card! 2008/5/21 00:36
Has anyone ever had any trouble at all making reservations through either japaneseguesthouses.com or ictj.jp? I am in the process of making one reservation through each of them. Got a call today from my credit card company about a fraudulant charge based in Tokyo (I am not yet in Japan). They are cancelling my card, so that's taken care of, but now I am suspicious about making these reservations. Not quite sure what to do. Any advice? Oh, and the charge was for 10 cents at a convenience store.
by sunflwrgrlmt  

japaneseguesthouses.com 2008/5/21 09:42
I have made reservations through www.japaneseguesthouses.com about half a dozen times and never had a problem. They have been reliable about not placing any charges on my credit card (though they need it to make a reservation).
I can't imagine why you have such a charge on your card. There is nothing you can buy in a convenience store for 10 cents...maybe you can make a copy or buy a stamp, but really. If I was going to use somebody's credit card number, I'd go for a much bigger splurge.
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hmm 2008/5/21 13:11
Credit card company told me people who want to use the card fraudulantly will often post a very small charge to begin with, then try something larger later.
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10 cents? 2008/5/21 13:40
10 cents is about 10 yen right? So someone bought an "Umaibo" and paid by credit card?? Hmmm...
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so now what 2008/5/21 13:43
I'm sure that these travel companies are reputable, but they are the only people in Japan that have my credit card information. Maybe it was an employee stealing data or something, but what do I do now?
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Spyware? 2008/5/21 17:12
There is a lot of spyware around that logs your keystrokes and scans for credit card numbers to be harvested. Running Spyware Doctor can fix a lot of them.
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taken care of, I think 2008/5/22 12:10
My computer checks out fine spy wise. Japaneseguesthouses.com emailed and have made the reservation anyway, but want my new card number. A friend of mine thought maybe their website was not secure and someone lifted the data that way. It should be okay to put my card number in an email rather than going back to their website?
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