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open mechanic shop in japan ? 2008/5/21 14:05
Hi, All. I'll make it quick. I live in FL U.S.A. Me and my brother opened a mechanic shop with a little over $2,000 US$ . Business is good. Our clients is mostly hispanic . No permits were needed, we just rented, brought our tools & equip and we got to work.

Would it be just as easy to do this in Japan? near a Hispanic community if there is one.

Please respond if you know what you are talking about, no guessing please. Even better from folks who live or have lived in Japan Thanks.
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dont do it 2008/5/21 16:17
well unless you speak japanese, dont bother. you could try opening a shop around a military base where there are a lot of americans but something tells me the car heads there would rather take their silvias and mark 2s to a japanese shop
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difficult 2008/5/21 19:09
Very hard if you don't speak/ read Japanese. Visas would be the first obvious obstacle- on what visa would you stay in Japan? What do you know about doing business in Japan?

There are communities of Brazilian Japanese in some areas to the southwest of Tokyo, but not a large enough number of Hispanics here to have anything close to the Hispanic communities in the States- Hispanics here are a lot fewer and more spread out.
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Well 2008/5/21 22:10
Is there a city where a lot of americans ?
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military bases 2008/5/22 09:02
The US military bases have the highest concentrations of Americans (does it have to be just Americans? There are plenty of other English-speaking countries).

Some of the bases are Yokota, Atsugi and Yokosuka near Tokyo, and Okinawa, but I suspect they have their own mechanics. In any area of Japan Americans will be far out-numbered by Japanese people.

I really recommend you visit Japan first, just get an idea of what the country is actually like. As I said before too, a main stumbling block is the visa- you can't just come here and set up a business, you have to get permission to stay in the country first.

Why not contact your nearest Japanese Embassy or consulate and ask them about starting up a business in Japan?
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Thank you 2008/5/22 12:05
Thanks for replies, Someone emailed me saying the Japan goverment has tight control on business, but you are correct, I will visit first, check around and LEARN some Japanese. Thank you all!!
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