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How Are English Teenagers treated? 2008/5/21 20:11
Hey =]

I'm turning 18 very soon, and with my career in accountancy developing, with high wage prospects, i'd be looking to travel to Japan/Toyo by Summer 2009/2010. i'm english, 6'1" and red haired. I'm curious as to how i'd fair socially in Japan.
by Jason17  

English 2008/5/22 11:46
It depends on your looks: do you still look like a kid or more grown up? and of course by the time you go you will be close to no longer being a teen. Besides all that you will just be another Caucasian and likely mistaken for an American. Red hair might be an asset as it isn't that common, so would be wearing a kilt or a typical British school uniform. In Tokyo few will pay that much attention to you. In some out-of-the-way place you will get the same stares you might get in some of the USA boondocks, especially when you speak. I am teasing you a bit. Just go and don't worry at all.
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personality 2008/5/22 16:41
It depends on your personality more than your looks. How do you fare socially at home? That is a pretty good indication of how you will do here.

What do you want to do in Japan? You will need to have graduated university to get a job in finance here.
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Toyo? 2008/5/22 18:01
What's "Japan/Toyo"?
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Letter missing 2008/5/22 21:16
I'm guessing it's "Japan/ Tokyo"
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My fifty pence worth 2008/5/23 00:40
Uco, Jason meant Tokyo. From my experience, the bigger cities see you are a tourist (American tourist LOL) and like to help out how ever they can. i'd go summer 2010 myself, in fact i am planning to! the reason being you'll be one year more world wise, and have time to save big time and brush up on the language. but i am but one man, you take whatever advice helps best.
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How Are Black Teenagers treated 2008/5/23 07:02
I'm 17 turning 18 in two weeks and I want to go to Japan cuz I always wanted to go to Japan, but I dont know how people there are going to react to me cause I'm half Jamaican, Cuban, and American but I was born in America
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