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trying to go to an art collage. 2008/5/22 07:11
im trying to go to an art skool and get a bachelors dagree in animation and graphic design...will this make a differance when i move to japan and try to get work i know they limit u on hours 2o a week but still im planning on becoming a japanese citizin it takes 5 years...if i get 2 bachlers dagrees' 1 in animation and 1 in graphic design would it be better to get work?
by jeremiah ruth  

going to.. 2008/5/22 11:55
you should run one thread only as having 2 nearly similar to one another is too confusing. Do you mean college or collage? not quite the same thing..it takes longer than 5 years to get citizenship-more like 10 years- and you don't necessarily have to renounce your US citizenship. Do read all the old posts on dual citizenship by going back to previous pages weeks and months ago or entering dual citizenship in the search window at the top left of the main questions page.
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jobs in Japan 2008/5/22 17:04
They only limit you to 20 hours work a week if you are a student. Animation and graphic design are both difficult areas for foreigners to find jobs in here because there are plenty of Japanese who can do those jobs, and no real reason to hire foreigners to do them.

If you marry a Japanese you can apply for permanent residence after 5 years. It takes 10 years if you are not married to a Japanese. Citizenship generally takes longer.

In any case, your first worry will be a job and a working visa.
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