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Visa information 2008/5/22 08:23
i am an american citizen and im trien to get imformation about how i can move to japan...i will no questions asked renounce my american citizenship ...heres some questions here....

1)who would i go too to get imformation on visas ...
2)how is japans $ system is it for every us dollar its 100 yrn or what???
3)also if i get a collage bachelors dagree in america for arts would my chances of getting a job there be better...

ps...please help i really would be honored if i get truthful imformation
by jeremiahruth  

re 2008/5/22 10:02
1. embassy'd be the best for sure
2. as far as i know it's something like that 1usd=100yen
3. of course having a bachelor degree is better. Without it it's very hard to find a job in japan. With it... you can maybe find something. But arts... really i cant say how big are your chances. You probalby gonna need to know the language fluently too
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