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Nabisco Cup Tickets 2008/5/23 00:29
Hi i am going to be in tokyo on the 8th of june and i have heard there is a big nabisco cup match between verdy and fc tokyo that i would really like to go to. How would I get tickets to the match? I have heard you can buy them from stores such as Lawsons how would I do this?
is it possible to buy them on the day from the stadium??

Any help is much appreciated thanks very much
by mr tom  

Nabisco Cup tickets 2008/5/23 12:51
Yes you can buy at the stadium. However, if you get tickets for the Verdy section behind the goal anytime before the day of the game, they are 500yen cheaper. 1500 yen as opposed to 2000 if bought on the day.Tickets can be bought from convinience stores or on the day no problem. The stadium is enormous so there will be no worries about not getting a ticket!!
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nabisco cup tickets 2008/5/23 19:22
cheers thats a lot of help do you know how a would get tickets for the fc tokyo section? how would i buy them from the convenience store...do they speak english or should i get someone to write down what i need or something or does it work thru some sort of vending machine???
thanks very much
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