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english teacher in japan 2008/5/23 05:43
well im wondering how do i become an english teacher in japan....do u need a USA dagree in english or smthn because i only have a high school diploma....so how can i become a english teacher
by jeremiahruth  

English teaching 2008/5/23 09:52

If you are American, you will need a university degree in something. Being able to speak and write English is also a requisite...
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its jerremiah again 2008/5/23 10:40
well does it matter in what here in america we need general education which is english and math ...then what ever class we want to major in...so whatever right???? i really need this imfo i really hate living in america i wish i can live in jaoan its very safe ...i can learn so much more in japan
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well.. 2008/5/23 19:48
you need to have a university degree to get a working visa since you are from the u.s.

by the way you type your english ability does not instill confidence, you would not be able to get a job teaching english here if the way you speak on this board is how you speak and write in real life. you may want to take that into consideration.
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TESOL 2008/5/24 01:26
There are collegest that provide courses. I'm taking a global TESOL course this summer.


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... 2008/5/24 01:44
Any way generally Americans and or most foreigners need some sort of Uni degree to work in Japan and just knowing English doesn't open doors or get you the right visa.

Also, if you are American Japanese with a family registry in Japan and you are in it then it will be kinda be easier to open doors for you as far as a visa and working.

Any way good on your quest!
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