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Bic Camera point card 2008/5/24 01:35
I have a Bic Camera point card from when I went to Japan last year and bought a digital camera. The helpful cashier helped me get one after I asked about tax free items.

I'm going to Japan again next week and am planning to buy a Canon 450D. Would I be able to utilise my point card again to get a discount?

How do the point cards work exactly?
by Tee  

Bic Camera point card 2008/5/24 17:29

My understanding is that the points accummulated are lost after a year has elapsed, but there is no harm in asking whether there are still anu usable points on it next time you shop there.
Just from memory, and without looking up the exact details, points corresponding to 5% of the purchase cost are accumulated on the card and can be redeemed against your next purchase. When you make a purchase and present your card, the cashier will ask you if you want to add to the points already on the card (rather than use the points for your purchase), but if you stop and think about it, this is a subtle psychological ploy, and there is no advantage in not using the points you have each time you make a purchase.
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Bic points 2008/5/25 00:24
Dave's right. Bic Camera points aren't one of those cheap kind where it's not worth it unless you shop multiple times until you get to use them. The points you get from one purchase is often enough to do your next purchase for free. I haven't paid at Bic for years! Let's just hope that it hasn't been over 365 days since you did your last purchase. The expiration date of any of your old leftover points will automatically be extended for another year each time you use the card.
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. 2008/5/25 02:39
Bic Camera's Point balance is valid for 2 years since your last purchase. So yours must be still valid.
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Cheers 2008/5/25 08:12
Hi Dave, Uco and meringue4

I last used my card in October 2007 so I guess my points haven't expired yet, brilliant!

Thank you for your help!

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points 2008/5/25 11:27
The discount is normally 10% not 5%.
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using 2008/5/25 11:39
There is SOME disadvantage to using points every time.

The normal discount is 10%, but sometimes they have addition points discounts during sales. For example, I bought something the week before last that had an additional 10%. So it was 9800 yen, normally it would be 10% points, but it was 20% points. (1960 points instead of 980 points) Had I used existing 9800 points, there is NO points accumulation, I would not have received 20% discount.

Sometimes, they also have "special" sale prices, where an item is HEAVILY discounted, and you get just 1% point instead of 10%. That is the time to use your points, because you only lose a 1% discount!!!!

So to summarize:
"use" or "keep" points under normal circumstances (10%)
"Keep" points if there is an additional points bonus.
"Use" points if there is only 1%.

There is a further thought. I can't remember 100%, but I think if you USE your points for PART of the item price, you don't get the discount on the rest that you pay!!! I'll see if I can check this!!
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Thanks Sandy 2008/5/26 10:16
Hi Sandy

That was really helpful, thank you for taking the time to explain it in such detail!

Do you know if Yodobashi does a similiar point card too?
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points 2008/5/26 12:09
I used it yesterday, and if you use half points and half mony, you get point for just the money paide part.

Yodobashi & also Sofmap have point cards systems which are just the same as Bic. (I have all three!!)
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!! 2008/5/26 12:11
Sorry about all of my spelling mistakes!!!
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