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Intracompany Visa Requirements 2008/5/24 19:09
Hello everyone. I am currently planning to set up a representative office in Tokyo for the company I am currently working for in the UK.

I have few doubts about how to apply for a VISA as the MOFA website does not cover all I need...

1) Is my current UK employer going to be my sponsor?

2) Do I need anyone from Japan to contact the Immigration Office and Apply for a certificate of Eligibility? Or can my Boss do this from here?

Any help/advice would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,

by achilleuk78  

Japanese Embassy? 2008/5/25 08:58
This is the one of the things that your country's Japanese Embassy is there for- to help facilitate trade and business between the two countries. Have they not been any help to you? I would have thought they could provide plenty of information on this kind of topic.

If you haven't checked with them yet, that is definitely your next stop.
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... 2008/5/25 19:56
Intra-company Transferee visa would be for someone working for a branch of a non-Japanese corporate eneity in Japan. So if you are going to be THE branch/representative office, I wonder if this visa would be applicable in the first place? "Investor/Business Manager" COULD be the correct category... so, yes, it would be best to check with the Embassy of Japan in your country.
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Thank you 2008/5/26 17:02
Thanks for the msgs. I have not had the chance to contact the Embassy yet, but I will definitely make it my next step.

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