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Insurance deductions per month? 2008/5/24 20:12
I just got my second paycheck for work in Japan. The insurance deductions were just over 50000 yen (about $500) is this normal? My pay per month is supposed to be 270000 ($2700).
I was horrified when my pay ended up as only 110000 for the whole month!
any advice would help!!!!!!
by M  

... 2008/5/25 08:23
Of a regular employee's salary of around 270,000 yen, about 3% will be withheld for health insurance and about 7% will be withheld for pension. About 2% will be withheld for national income tax. That should leave you with about 85% of your total salary being paid out.
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tax etc 2008/5/25 08:55
Only 2% income tax, Uji? I have always paid at least 5% just for shotokuzei, including when I earned exactly 270,000 yen per month at an eikaiwa.

I wonder if ward/ city tax is also being deducted by the company?

Anyway, 270,000 minus 50,000 is still a lot more than 110,000- are they also making other deductions, M? Do you have a payslip you can get someone to read for you to find out what other deductions are being made?
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Income Tax 2008/5/25 21:09
I'm getting 280,000 per month, which they are taking 9% for income tax,
The problem here in Japan Companies have total control it seems.
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