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Electronic dictionary 2008/5/26 06:13
Where would you buy a good English-Japanese electronic dictionary? (I have in mind those little calculator-type looking electronic dictionaries). Should I buy them in the U.S. or in Japan?
How much should I expect to pay for a decent one?
What functions should it have?
Could you recommend a certain type or a brand?

I've been studying Japanese in a very serious fashion for 1 year now and I am going to do a home stay/language program to Hokkaido this summer. I know that there exists a huge array of these electronic dictionaries in Japan but I am not sure if they are totally suitable for non-Japanese. Your thoughts? Otherwise, I'll have about 1-2 days in Tokyo to look around and buy one. Any suggestions where to go?
by Ivo  

maybe get before you go 2008/5/26 11:46
Unless you can read Japanese, I would get one before you go. They are fairly expensive in Japan and most of the menu is in Japanese. You can change to english, but they are made for Japanese people to use.
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PPC 2008/5/27 00:37
Your best bet is to purchase a used pocket PC, which can use Jim Breem's EDICT dictionary


get kanji handwriting recognition, the whole 9 yards

i picked up a used dell AXIM x5 on ebay(make sure its windows mobile 2003) for $40

$40 vs $300 for a similar ''dedicated'' dictionary with kanji recognition
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wordtank 2008/5/27 01:54
I purchased a Canon Wordtank V90 used on ebay for about $120. I'm very happy with it.

When I move to Japan next year I plan to splurge on somthing with backlighting and a larger wa-ei jiten like the Casio XD-GP9700 or Casio GW9600. You can pick up the later on amazon.jp once you're in Japan for about 32,000 yen.
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to Michael who answered my question 2008/5/27 05:37
Michael, that is a wonderful idea.I've looked into it and found that most ebay dell Axims operate on Windows Mobile 2002. Not 2003 as you suggest.Is there a way how to upload the right software?
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