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Apple Macbook - power adaptor (Aust) 2008/5/26 08:31
I have a new Apple Mac Book (laptop) purchased last year in Aust - I would like to take to Japan this week with me when I go. Only problem is the power cord has 3 prongs on it and all adaptors I can find in Aust for Aust to Japn conversion only have 2 prongs (2 slants) - is there something I could get in Tokyo or would I have to buy a new power cord?

Please help as I leave in a few days, thanks so much
by Starry  

On 2008/5/26 13:31
most recent Apple power adapters you should be able to disconnect power cord from adapter by "sliding" its end out from the adapter. You must have Apple two-prong part that connects right into adapter's body. You can also use "ground-lift" adapter if you can find one, and connect your three prong cable to it. This is not recommended, but in case with such adapter its fine (this is what Apple part does). Never disconnect third prong from bigger appliances, such as tv, its there for your safety.
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not needed 2008/5/26 16:17
The 3rd prong (earth) is not needed on a laptop power supply.
If I can't find a 3 prong adapter, usually DRILL a hole where the earth can poke into the adapter. It's just plastic and won't touch anything inside!!!
BE WARNED THOUGH. Do not plug any other device that NEEDS the earth into the adapter, as it could be dangerous.(you coudl electrocute yourself.
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plug convertor 2008/5/27 13:21
just get a plug convertor $10 at DickSmith, japan is on 110v and aus is 240v thus its just going to take longer to charge your battery, dont even think about tampering with the cord.
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not longer 2008/5/27 19:07
It won't take any longer to charge your battery, because it is a "switch mode" power supply.
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Question.. 2009/8/28 01:09
I was looking at this: http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/travelpower/9751/

adapter. I have a macbook as well, I live in the US and I understand that some of my smaller appliances will still work in Japan (hair dryer, etc) but will just be a little less powerful.

Computers would be different though. Will I need something to convert the voltage or... would it be fine?

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adaptors 2009/8/28 07:23
we just bought an adaptor at the hotel shop in tokyo as we had the same problem...easy
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adapter 2009/8/28 08:34
fmj is referring to a plug adapter which would adapt your australian plug to a japanese plug.
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. 2009/8/28 10:19
I was hoping to get a plug before I go, I need to email my contact in Japan when I arrive.

I was asking about the one on the thinkgeek website specifically.

I know it'll make the plug fit into the outlets in Japan BUT will the voltage be a problem, the adaptor from thinkgeek says it does not change that... will my macbook be able to run on the power system in Japan or will it be too weak?

I live and bought the computer from Apple in the USA, so the australian thing does not apply in my case.

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apple 2009/8/28 10:56
If your mac is from the US then no adapter is required. Japan and the US use the same plug style, and Macs (as well as virtually all other laptops) will accept voltages from 100-240 volts (the big black brick inline on the cord, or in your case the white brick at the end of the cord, is a voltage transformer).
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. 2009/8/28 11:10
Thank you so much!
I wasn't sure where to look for the info, that is a relief. One less thing to try and buy before I leave.
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