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Part time Job, exactly in Kodaira City 2008/5/26 23:03
Hi to all,
I really need a BIG help of infos.
1st let me tell the situation, me just arrived Japan in a month, as a dependent Visa for 2 years as my wife furthering study here. We have 2 kids of 2 years plus and 8 months baby. I desperately looking for a part time job as my wife scholarship not enough to support my living of family.As a responsible father also need to give wife and children a feed. i also got to send my kids to nursery if i 'm workings. Before send to nursery the requirement is you MUST have a job then you can apply for nursery for your kids. THE PROBLEM IS WHERE TO FIND A PART TIME JOB at least? Any website or employment agency?Me currently in Kodaira ity, this Wednesday i will be getting an Alien Card.So then i will make a working permits.
So far i go for basic nihon go class in KIFA.
Anyone here can HELP me to find an useful info for Part Time Job for Foreigners, any kind of jobs is doesnt matter as long not involve with porks and alcohol (as i'm Muslim) And i not choosy or demanding of salary as desperately job needed urgently
Thanks in advance to all, and really appreciate who can help me
by ayinchan  

good luck! 2008/6/8 01:10
There are plenty of job advertisement magazines in Japanese language. They're available at book shops and convenience store. Ads are also printed in newspapers. I also assume that your Japanese language school can give you advise as well.

You might need some assistance, but as long as you have a proper visa, the will to learn the language, the ability to cooperate with others, and are not choosy, it is not that hard to find part time jobs. On the other hand, if you don't have qualify for any of the above, it can be difficult.
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