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IT Business Analyst Jobs in Japan 2008/5/26 23:48

I currently work in london as an IT business analyst and am interested in moving to Japan.

My native language is English but I also have conversational french and german and am willing to learn japanese (spoken anyway!)

Does anyone know of the best way to search for this type of work?

by JW  

HR agencies 2008/5/27 10:16
My husband is an IT business analyst working for a French company here in Tokyo. He is Japanese but the majority of his co-workers aren't, and many of them don't speak much Japanese at all, as the working language at the company is English.

For this kind of job you need to get in touch with the major IT recruitment agencies here in Tokyo- Robert Walters or Robert Half or similar- that would be your first step.

There is always a demand here for experienced IT people who speak English in Tokyo, so there should be plenty of options for you.
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What are my chances 2008/5/28 04:50
Hi Sira, What about working visa ? I'm an IT person as well. 10+ yrs exp. No japanese. Will any company sponsor me? My plan is to go there as a tourist (90days) and go for interview and such but was told by friends that no company wil usually sponsor. What should my course of action be if you were me ?
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contact the agencies 2008/5/28 07:09
All you can do is talk to the IT recruiters directly and see what they will think- why do your friends say no company will sponsor you? Is it because you don't have a degree? You can't really know until you try, can you.

Before wasting a lot of money on job-hunting in Japan though, email or phone the IT recruitment agencies in Japan mentioned above, as they will be able to assess your situation and give you a realistic answer about your chances.
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