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Formal Gathering In Tokyo 2008/5/27 07:01
I will be visiting Tokyo during the summer and have been told to bring with me a cocktail dress as I will be attending a formal function. I bought a beutiful black dress, knee length and planned to wear black and silver shawl over my shoulders. I was then informed that wearing black would be inappropriate as this is considered funeral/mourning attire. Is this true? If so what would be appropriate. My thanks in advance.
by Niamh  

formal affair in Tokyo 2008/5/27 10:03
Yeah, the black thing is kind of annoying; Japanese women don't as a rule wear bright colors to events (with the exception of kimono if it is that kind of affair) but on the other hand there is no concept of the 'little black dress' here. Fear not. I have my little black dresses and what I do is wear a jacket over (with a metallic thread or brighter color) or like you, a shawl with something a little brighter. You'll be fine. Just don't wear black hose, that's REALLY funeral attire.
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sounds good 2008/5/27 10:22

What is the occasion? A celebration such as a wedding or award ceremony? If so, your dress sounds appropriate. You don't wear a beautiful black cocktail dress with black and silver shawl at funerals in Japan. They're too flashy.
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P.S. 2008/5/27 10:25
Oh, and, black thin nylon stockings are appropriate for celebrations too. For funerals, you need to wear something black but very plain. Black color is very often worn in celebrations, as long as it's as decorative as yours.
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Thank You 2008/5/27 20:59
Thank You so much for your help, it is very much appreciated.
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