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door protection in hot weather 2008/5/27 16:49

In hot weather, I prefer opening the doors for the balcony since I dont have an airconditioner yet.

But, this will let all kind of insects to come inside the house. I need a protection door to deny insects to enter.

If you understood what I am talking about, can u help me and tell me where do I buy those from?

by sonaiko  

screen 2008/5/27 19:09
You just need an insect screen door on the outside of the sliding door.
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wer from? 2008/5/27 19:19
yes yes screen door.
where do i buy it from?
i live in tokyo
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amido 2008/5/28 00:37

Are you saying that your apartment doesn't have a insect screen for your balcony? That is hard to believe.

Assuming you are renting the place, ask the landlord to put it on. The screen in Japanese is called "amido". And while you're at it, you can tell the landlord that you were told it is normal for a balcony full-size window to have screens. You may be able to get it for free then.

Be sure to lock all doors and windows when leaving your home, though.
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UR apartement 2008/5/28 00:57
Thank you.

Yes I dont have amido.

My apartment is rented from UR company which is a huge company with huge building and houses to rent. They rent identical apartments to people and all of them dont have amido.

So I have to buy it seperately. Where do I buy it from?
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hoomu center 2008/5/28 12:38
Before you go to the shop, you measure the size of the window. You can buy gamidoh at gsassi-ya sanh or ghoomu centerh.
If you want make it cheaper, you buy only net at ghoomu centerh. Then you fix it at the window like a curtain.

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