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Travelex Currency Cash passport 2008/5/27 16:54
Its an account, that you transfer your funds into and use like a debit card. Accepted in all ATMs that accept "Visa"
I would like to know, as a high school exchange student for 10 months, coming from Australia.
Has anybody used the Travelex cash passport. I am too young to get a Visa debit/credit card (you have to be 18) but this card would allow me to withdraw cash from ATMs with VISA. Are ATMs with Visa available everywhere ie post offices, banks, convenience stores. The card can only be used to withdraw cash at ATMs, so i cant actually use it instore to make purchases. Will I be stuck with a card and nowhere to use it and therefore no access to money? Any suggestions welcomed and Thanks
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... 2008/5/27 19:01
Travelex does have currency exchange offices in Japan, and they do sell Cash Passport in Japan (for Japanese travelers wishing to purchase US dollar or Euro-denominated Cash Passport for their travel to destinations outside Japan), so it should work. You could at least get assistance from their offices in Japan...

Just to be sure, if you enter country and city, this will give you "Visa ATM" listing.


Does it have the Plus sign on it? If it does, it should be usable at post office ATMs - those accept internationally-branded (meaning Plus or Cirrus) cards, but I have not yet bought Cass Passport myself, so I cannot be sure.
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I forgot to add one line: 2008/5/27 19:02
But it's not that you can use it just about "everywhere" in Japan.
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