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cockroaches 2008/5/29 02:45
I find some cockroaches in my house. I simply kill them using special medicine I bought.

That never ends the problem becoz they keep showing up. I want to prevent them from entering the house completely.

I read online about using the Boric Acid. I was wondering if I could buy this somewer in Japan. Also plz help me in recommending solutions to my problem.

Thank you.
by sonaiko  

Yes, you can 2008/5/30 00:08
You can buy boric acid (dumpling)"ホウ酸ダンゴHousan dango".

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Try Varsan 2008/5/30 04:10
Try バルサン。 It's a smoke bomb. You start it before you leave home for work/school in the morning and it will be done before you come home in the afternoon. This worked very good in my house.

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... 2008/5/30 08:49

They are a nuisance, aren't they. Above ideas work (if you have pets in your home you have to be very careful when using either of the above methods).

But note that it's nearly impossible to block "all" of them "ever" coming into your home in Japan - unless you seal up every small crack in the foundation of the building (impossible with Japanese houses), never open the windows (yes they fly), never leave any food crumbs on the kitchen floor, never use the heater in winter (they know where it gets nice and warm), etc. etc. Sometimes they "move" from one house to another - have there been any old houses taken down in your neighborhood recently? To some extent you have to live with the idea that there might be a few around... :( Not that I like them, of course, but there are a few inevitably.

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. 2008/5/31 01:58
バルサン(barusann) is is the best! Light it and get out of the house. Good luck!
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