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Where can I spend 1 yen coins? 2008/5/29 19:17
During the course of many shopping trips I have managed to accumulate nearly 200 worth of 1 coins. Whenever I try to spend them all at once or exchange them for 100 coins it seems like nobody wants to know about them, I always get refused. How can I spend all my 1 coins??
by Martin  

for ordinary payment 2008/5/30 08:28
By spending them one by one or at least by spending less than nine at a time seems practical.
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Yennies 2008/5/30 08:48
1. Buy Beer from the convenient store late at night when no one else is there and the clerk won't mind counting out all your loose change.

2. If you really find it difficult to calculate change at he counter, just collect it in a jar and bring it to the bank. They have a change sorter that works really fast.
A.) Make sure you don't mix garbage or paperclips in because it will all go into the machine and the staff will get angry.
B.) Do it at a bank that you have an account in because I know that UFJ's machine acts as a deposit. They make you check your account that it was actually deposited though. I left without checking and they called me for two days until I went back to check.
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...... 2008/5/30 11:15
I had the same problem, lots of 1 yen coins and no way to really use them. So I just placed a bunch on top of various cardboard boxes homeless guys sleep in.

There way a guy in Akihabara that I'm sure wondering where some 300, 1 yen coins where coming from over the course of several weeks.
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7/11 2008/5/30 14:20
Take about 7, 1/ coins with you for the next 28 days, buy something at a 7/11 like a bottle of water or ice-tea, and pay the exact price
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anywhere except vending machines... 2008/5/30 19:23
Just use them when you buy things. If I am at the supermarket, convenience store etc. and my purchase comes to say673 yen, I hand over a thousand yen note and 3 one-yen coins. It doesn't take long to count them out and the staff will almost always pause for a second to see if you want to do just that. They won't appreciate being given a big pile of them but in twos or threes it's fine- that's what I do with mine.

So the answer to your question is- everywhere except vending machines, as long as you can be bothered counting out the change.
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