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Is there a Games Workshop in Kyoto? 2008/5/30 10:36
Kyoto City
Hello, i'm a bit of a nerd and i'm wondering if there's any Games-workshop stores or stores that sell games workshop products in kyoto?
Thanks in advance
by Kim Serlund  

Looks like there might be one in Kyoto 2008/5/31 04:30
I went to the Japan Games Workshop web page and pushed it through Google Translate. From the store list there is a store in Kyoto called Kyoto Yellow Submarine that carries Games Workshop products.

Google translate certainly isn't the best thing for translating properly but sometimes it works out fairly well.

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Thank 2008/5/31 09:19
Thank but, do anyone have like an online map so i can find it? cause i can't really understand the answer that google gave me =/
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not sure 2008/6/14 09:27
Dont know either, but i would like to know myself. otherwise there is the mailorder through the jp GW website.
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maybe 2008/6/14 09:43
had a quick squiz at the linked address you provided. dont have a clue on the address, but the station is hankyu kawaramachi, which is on the corner of shijo and kawaramachi streets. i suppose it would be in that area somewhere. Oh for decent street addresses in Japan... i might take a walk down there next week...
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GW Kyoto 2008/10/23 08:38
I havent heard of any around Kyoto. Yellow submarine is a good bet. they're a chain around Japan, and you'll find them in most big cities.
However their supplies of GW products are fairly limited (sadly).
good luck with the search!
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check this out 2008/10/23 08:41
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Location 2009/1/8 23:20
I guess your a kyoto local?
So you know Loft department
store right? Directly across
from the mall side entrance
is the yellow submarine.
Take the lift, There is a
small sign on the outside.
Its only got very basic
stuff though.
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Thanks 2009/1/8 23:24
Thanks but i checked out the yellow submarine and they had no GW products, only magic and all other sorts of cardgames. =/
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2009 Update 2009/4/10 03:26
So I'm going to Hirakata, Osaka (an hour away from Kyoto), ans I'm doing some preresearch.

Yellow Submarine's website says the Kyoto store carries Warhammer, other miniatures, and boardgames.

Additionally, there is a store in Osaka called (I think) Iconoclasm. It looks like they carry an impressive supply of miniatures (Including GW, Privateer, Urban War), and some Fantasy Flight games.

Hopefully, that helps other who are looking. I'm taking notes on gaming stores (and some other things, like rock climbing gyms). If anyone wants, fire me an e-mail. bcampbe at ucalgary dot ca.
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Thanks Everyone 2009/4/10 10:32
Well I can say that Yellow Submarine is for hardcore Cardgamers and saying that they have Warhammer is a bit of an overstatement cause they only buy in basic boxes and in extreamly limited quantity.

I have now moved to Osaka and the "Icoclasm" or what it was called is a great store. Expensive but they have tables and really everything you need and some more.
I will certainly start hanging out there since I have school 3 minutes walk away from them ;)

But thank everyone for their help.
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Paints and such 2009/7/27 20:26
I saw this thread and I want to know if any of my fellow nerd brethren have come across Vallejo paints. I emailed the Japanese distributor, but haven't received an answer.
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There was but not sure if still open 2011/3/23 16:30
There was a store called Iconoclasm that had pretty much the full GW line and even FW products, but sadly it moved the last time to a smaller, hard to find apartment style building across from a Yellow Submarine in Namba. Website isn't coming up anymore, so bad sign, but it was www.hobbymetal-iconoclasm.com. I'm headed that way tomorrow (from Hawaii) and will check it out to see if it's still up and running. Was a great shop, even by western standards.
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Yes, there is one 2011/4/1 16:46
Yep, it's still there. In Namba directly across the street from a Yellow Submarine (there are two Yellow Sumarines within site though). Inside a grey building next to a little eatery and the door looks out to a big video game store. 4th floor hole in the wall but has a table and one heck of a good selection of 40K stuff, including FW. Prices are high, but they even had the new GK range when I went the other day.

http://hobbymetal-iconoclasm.com/ still coming up with an underconstruction page...
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Finally got the website 2011/4/1 17:02

This seems to work although you may want to use a translator. Little Google street view app will help you find it. Guess the building wasn't gray...
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