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English compatible WII fit 2008/5/31 01:20
Hi, does anyone know the price of an Enligh version of the WII console and WII fit game in japan and where best to buy it? Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto? and store name
Sold out in the UK!
by fitter  

Wii Fit 2008/5/31 14:53
The board is quite heavy to bring back and it will be very difficult to find a European game DVD in Japan as the Wii games are region locked.

I bought one in the UK recently and had some problems putting my hands on one at first as I had been abroad when they first came out here in the UK. I talked to the local Game and GameStop shops here and found out that they get restocked every week but only with a couple of boards. So I asked and they told me what day and around what time and I picked one up like that.
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. 2008/5/31 22:37
Few stores in Japan sell European/American consoles and games. Moreover,
European versions are much harder to find than American versions because
they don't work with Japanese NTSC TVs. Even if you find one it may be
twice as expensive as the original price.

If you don't mind it and you are staying around Tokyo, following stores at Akihabara may be worth visiting:

Laox Duty Free Akihabara
Messe San-oh Chaos-kan
Game Hollywood
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thanx 2008/6/3 05:28
thanx guys for the response, guess I'm going to have to persevere in the UK
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... 2008/6/3 16:11
I also wanted to ask if I can buy a Wii console in Japan and if it'll be compatible in australia? I wanted to buy one for my gf.
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. 2008/6/3 18:11
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for Michael 2008/6/4 05:37
Hi Michael; although you wonLt be able to play Australian games on a Japanese Wii my advice is that you get your wii in Japan along with all the games you can, as theyLre incredibly cheap. Then, for new releases you can always try websites like play-asia.com where they carry the japanese games at more or less the same price you would pay for australian games.
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...much appreciated 2008/6/4 09:03
thank you for your help! :)
Now I might actually do that and buy the Wii console and games in Japan if it's cheaper. Do you know roughly how much the console is on it's own? :)
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