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Where/How to meet J poeple locally? 2008/6/1 03:46
okay, basically I'm currently studying Japanese at Uni. I lived in Japan for 6 months prior to that, and so have made quite a few Japanese friends and am accustomed to speaking it frequently.

But from this month I've moved back to my home town and have to deal with a 4 month summer break. Most people would be delighted, but unfortunately for me I don't know one single Japanese person here, and am worried that 4 months of no Japanese will have terrible consequences on my language ability!

So my question is, how do I go about finding local Japanese people? I live in Bournemouth in the UK. It's a seaside resort with lots of English language schools (hence potentially lots of Japanese students). But I can't just approach the schools and ask if I can befriend their students due to the British ''health & Safety/Privacy/Sharing information'' obsession...They'd tell me to f off, in a polite manner ofcourse.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :)
by Deano  

I don't think they would..... 2008/6/2 02:23
I dont think they would Deano but they have a duty of care to the students they look after.
There are many Japanese clubs in the UK have you tried googling for them? Most big Uni's have clubs as well.
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