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ties and loops on a nagajuban 2008/6/1 07:49
I've just received delivery of a second hand nagajuban that I bought from Japan on Ebay. I hadn't noticed at the time but the nagajuban has four ties at the front; two long and two short, as well as three rows of loops down the front, on both sides. At the back is a flat, that hangs down the centre of the back of the nagajuban and has a row of loops also.

The ties at the front have confused me very much as the web site I have found that shows how to put on a nagajuban makes no mention of the ties and the nagajuban is pulled tight and the fronts folded left over right. Can someone please tell me what to do with the ties?

I also notice at the back of the collar is a small piece of velcro; what is this for?

Many thanks and sorry to all that think I should have known what I was buying before I bought it!

Scottish Blossom
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how to wear it 2008/6/3 10:21
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