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Getting Carded at Bars 2008/6/1 08:43
So I've heard mixed things about how strongly Japanese drinking laws are enforced. I recently arrived in Japan and plan on going to bars/nightclubs soon. I am 20 (the legal drinking age) but I am wondering if I will get carded going into bars and if they will accept my Texas ID or will I need to carry my passport with me. Id rather not be carrying my passport while drinking. Thanks in advance.
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. 2008/6/1 12:39
Japanese laws require all foreigners who are not registered residents to carry their passports on them at all times.

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Carded? 2008/6/2 23:58
I've never heard of someone getting carded.
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Carded? Are you kidding me? 2008/6/3 00:19
Hey don't want to sound too blunt, but dude, you'll NEVER get carded in Japan. I was not carded ONCE when I was partying in Japan. You can buy cigarettes and beer from vendig machines on the street if thats an indication of the Japanese attitude towards drinking =)
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Never carded yet... 2008/6/3 02:25
Haha, when I first got to Japan, I always checked to make sure I had my ID out of habit before going drinking since I was carded so often back home, but I've never once been asked to show ID at any bars/izakayas/etc here. So I don't think it's something to worry about (but you should still take your passport with you everywhere while travelling around Japan as Police/various security people could potentially ask for it).
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me neither! 2008/6/3 06:53
I'm a young looking 22y.o.- never been carded in Japan in concerts, bars buying smokes or alcohol (even at the combini).

A bit of topic, but I found this interesting, on the subject of legal age etc...
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