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Japan Kitkat 2008/6/2 18:36
1)Does anyone know there is how many kitkat flavour available in Japan?

2)If i want to import KitKat (Japan Limited Flavour) for retailing,does it illegal?Will i get sue by local agent?

3)Where/who can i find kitkat supplier/agent in Japan?

4)I planing to have a Japan Titbits/Snacks shop in Singapore,anyone can recommend me any related products which Cannot be found in Singapore.
by Janet  

There's.... 2008/6/2 20:41
... white kit kat in family size in Australia. ( for cauc asians?)
by Connie Chiwa rate this post as useful

. 2008/6/3 05:50
Pack shots of the various flvours:
by RobBeer rate this post as useful

It's hard to say... 2008/6/3 06:48
There seems to be so many of them. The online store Jbox sells them (, but not really at wholesale prices, you couldn't make any profit.

I'm sure you could sell them legally, but make sure to check with your local authorities on what you have to do. The rules are different all over the world.

Expect to pay import taxes on commercial quantities, though.

by R. rate this post as useful

International Kitkats 2008/6/4 10:06
Here's a website that shows all the flavours:-

You may want to consider bringing in tibits not just from Japan but also from all over the world.
You may want to check with Yama-something trading. They seems to be the authorised dealer for Japanese tibits in Singapore. Most of the Japanese snacks that you find in Singapore supermarkets carry their label.

They also do have a shop at the basement of Central Mall in Clarke Quay. Might be cheaper for you to go through a distributor than to bring in in yourself, unless you make frequent trips to Japan to ship them in.
by Funshine rate this post as useful

How many 2008/6/5 11:54
There are not usually many flavours on sale at the same time. Over a year there may be 30 flavours but each is usually only in the shops for 1-2 monthes.

I am not sure about the Exotic Kit kats which are sold regionally. They seem to be always around but only in particular areas such as the shinkansen station in Tokyo.

They are always available on e-bay. If you go and type in kit kat you will see all the options. Maybe you can get a regular contact through there.

Not sure about the other chocolates as I have no idea what is available in singapore, but how about those 100-200 yen kids toys in the supermarket. Usually in sets like the Mcdonalds kids toys. Could be popular?
by Michael Riley rate this post as useful

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