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Money Exchange - Tokyo 2008/6/2 19:30
Hell, I am sorry to ask this again but what is the current best option to exchnage money? Should I do it in the U.S., or rather in Japan? Where do I get better rates?What about Tokyo?I've got Bank of America debit card. And I need to exchange 3000$ or more (will spend the next 2 months in Japan). Thank you so much!
by Ivo  

... 2008/6/3 12:05
I was going to ask the same thing but from AUD to the YEN. I will exchange some money over here in Sydney and will just use my debit card to withdraw money from any seven eleven stores. At least exchange some money in the US so you have money when you arrive in Japan and either use your debit card to withdraw cash or visit the banks.

Hope that helps! :) this is what I plan to do anyways.
by Dee rate this post as useful

best 2008/6/3 12:06
The only currency that is best exchanged in Japan is USD.(rather than the US) All other currencies are best exchanged outside of Japan.
by Sandy rate this post as useful

7-11 2008/6/3 12:09
If you withdraw from 7-eleven, I think the exchange is done in your home country.
by Sandy rate this post as useful

in oz 2008/6/3 14:10
if ur from Oz, do it here before you leave. last time i went, there was like a 10c difference in the exchange rate, much better off doing it here before u go!
by julie rate this post as useful

actual report 2008/6/3 14:28
Here are some actual facts on what is the best way to do it:
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this is what I would do.... 2008/6/16 03:27
My advice would be to have about 20,000 yen with you BEFORE you go to Japan (this is about 200 USD). Bring cash in USD with you, and change the rest for JPY at the airport when you arrive, and have cleared customs.

Sandy is right, you get a VERY good rate for USD in Japan. One in the arrival lobby of the airport, you will see plenty of exchange booths. Japan is much more cash oriented than the west, so keep that in mind

Kazuyuki (Japanese guy living in NY, USA)
by Kazuyuki rate this post as useful

more info 2008/6/16 03:35
I do not know where you are going to be in Japan, but if it is Tokyo/Yokohama area, there are Citibank locations. For example, there are I think 2 in Ginza area, and 1 in Shibuya near 'Donkihote' store. You can find specific direction there on their website.

I would imagine that there are Bank of America branches in Japan, but I personally have a Citibank account, so that is what I know. Aslo, your BoA card would certainly work at Citibank.

I have some American friends who, have gone to Japan, and some of them have been able to take cash out of Japanese bank machines with no problem...others have not been able to. I do not know why this is, but I don't want you to have any trouble.

Really, I would change most of it at the airport where you will get the best rate. Japanese is relatively safe and people on average carry more cash than in the west. The second best would be ATM from an American bank. I don't think you would get as good a rate at a convenience store

by Kazuyuki rate this post as useful

citibanks 2008/6/16 04:54
there is a citibank at the metro plaza building on the 9th floor outside of ikebukuro station (i believe it's on the west side just outside the west exit).

this is convenient because if you take the narita express depending on which train you get on it can take you directly to ikebukuro where you can go to the bank. try not to get lost in the station and stick to the east or west exits. the west side is kind of dirty.
by winterwolf rate this post as useful

also..... 2008/6/16 04:56
the reason some people can't withdraw money is because they're using cirrus (cirrus=mastercard) or visa branded debit or credit cards. in order to withdraw money from bank accounts or credit cards with those logos on them you have to go to an atm that is connected to those financial networks.

citibank, 7-11 and japan post office atm's will all work. just remember you will likely be hit big time if you withdraw money from an atm. i think 500$ cost me around 15$ in fees.
by winterwolf rate this post as useful

for the aussie 2008/6/16 13:06
exchange rate is better in japan. you can use your visa crdit card at all post office atms at a good rate. i believe you can also use 7-11.

if you want to change money in australia, i found ANZ gave me the best rate
by joseph rate this post as useful

wachovia no-go 2008/6/16 18:35
Wachovia debit with the PLUS network WILL NOT WORK at 7-11 ATMS. How do I know? I tried yesterday, even after being told they would work on this fourm...

Advice... stick to yuubinkyoku(post offices)- worked for me so far...
by Michael in Hiroshima rate this post as useful

. 2008/6/16 21:58
I hope you don't mind me asking a question here, since it's similar and it would be pointless to make a new thread because of it.

I am going to travel to Japan and stay in Okazaki-shi for two months. I will be bringing only about 10k yen in cash, and will have to exchange euros. Where to exchange it? I mean, I don't know how are the rates on airport compared to Okazaki (or just cities generally), and where it's better to exchange the money. I will arrive via Centrair airport.

by zennie rate this post as useful

to zennie 2008/6/17 00:47
I have never been to that airport, but I found this online:

Please note that with the exception of the US dollar, you will not get a better exchange rate in Japan. If you can exchange euros for yen, before you arrive, you will get the best rate
by Kazuyuki78 rate this post as useful

7-11 ATMs 2008/6/17 05:40
I was able to use my WAMU Visa debit card fine at 7-11 ATMs to withdraw money but the thing was I had to take out money in increments of $100 (or 10000yen) which was kind of annoying because I had $80 in my bank I couldnt withdraw. Luckily my Japanese friend let me paypal her the $80 and she gave it to me in yen. I dont know if this happens at all 7-11 ATMs though.
by AG rate this post as useful

7-11s 2008/6/17 09:55
I also have Citibank, however, my USA branch *lied through their teeth* about how easy it was to have Citibank in Japan and to be able to transfer money from Japan to the USA.

My Citibank ATM didn't work in any of the 7-11s I tried. However, many of the 'major' train hubs (Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, etc.) should have Citibanks in the vicinity of the station.

I know for sure (because I have seen them with my own eyes) there are Citibank ATMs in Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Ikebukuro, and Akasaka. Not all of them are prominently displayed, but they are there. And one in Narita. But if you're in Nartia, you're better off going to the exchange kiosk. I'm fairly certain my friend has BoA, and she used a Citibank ATM with no problem.
by Bob rate this post as useful

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