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how do i ...? 2008/6/3 00:14
ok im thinking of starting a company...in tokyo....this is still all in planning stages just yet....

but what sort of things should i apply for?..business visa?...i know you have to emlpoy 2 japanese people full time...but have seen lots of people start there own party business..( like international parties)...and the like..was also told that you dont need a liqour licence for a bar..is this true....im asking this as need all the help i can get...

so any serious advice would be great..or some pointers as to where to look on web sites like this...

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how do I?? 2008/6/3 12:29
Surely the Japanese Embassy in your country is the best place to ask this type of questions?? especially considering that you will have to see them eventually to get a visa.
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In Japan already? 2008/6/3 12:49
If you are not in Japan now, as above your first stop is the Japanese Embassy in your country. It is there largely to facilitate business between the two countries, and of course, issue visas, so they are the people you want to talk to.

If you are in Japan then you need to talk to Japan Immigration.
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