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Abou to lose sofa status 2008/6/3 03:22
I'm currently living on base with sofa status, but my husband got orders to korea and hopefully will return to the same base as a follow on. For the time he is in Korea, I will not be sofa eligible, can someone help point me in the direction to establish temporary residency, set up a post office box ( I hope to get special consideration to reside on base) get a license and so forth. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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about to loose 2008/6/3 12:25
the most likely people to ask are the human resources(or whatever they are called in the US Army)on the base itself. They have the latest info.
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losing SOFA status 2008/6/3 16:12
I assume you are a U.S. citizen...I agree with the advice above but I just would recommend that you act as quickly as possible to get all the correct information (in addition to the Human Resources people I would go to the legal advisors on your base). My understanding is that without sofa status you will have absolutely no legal standing in Japan unless you have a job and have a visa sponsored through your place of employment. You can't just 'live' in Japan.
If you were on a Navy base I would say that there would be no chance of staying in housing without sofa status, but I don't know about the other services. But you do need to make sure you have your ducks in a row, and early.
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