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Buying Motorcycle in Japan 2004/5/3 00:19

I’d like to get your advise about buying a motorcycle in Japan .
I am going to Japan for 3 months and I consider traveling around by motorcycle.
From Kyoto to Hokkaido and back.
I’d like to know what is preferable and cheaper either to rent a motorcycle
or to buy a second-hand one.
How much can it cost ?
Is it legal for tourist to buy one ?
What are the prices for 250cc or 400cc ?
Thanks in advance for all of you very much for your help.
by Seika  

. 2004/5/8 03:01
i used to ride on second-hand one, was 80,000yen. It was such a bargain!
I'm not sure if it's common to rent a motorcycle here in Japan....?
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Thanks to katana 2004/5/9 07:55
Thanks you for your response.
I understand that 80000 yen is real bargain.

But what about the law, is it legal for tourist to buy a motorcycle?
And what about insurance for it?
Do I have to do same registrations ?
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buying a bike in JP 2004/7/6 01:07
I have lived here for 4 years and have only just decided to buy a bike.
If you want to travel JP a lot then you'd probably want something with some power, ie 250cc or more.
I have a friend who has travelled a lot on a 125cc. Wouldn't fancy that on the expressway, though!
An international licence is fine upto 3 months, anymore than that and you'll need a Japanese licence. It's possible to get your licence transferred only if you reside here and you may have to take a test if you come from a country that drives on the right. Don't ask me why!
To buy a bike you obviously have the bike cost. There is a mandatory insurance of about 19000 yen, weight tax is 6400 yen for my 400cc, registration is 16000 yen and an optional comprehensive insurance is 30000 yen if you are over 30 and as much as 95000 if you are only 20.
I don't think I have ever heard of a place that rents bikes, must be somewhere. Best to buy, but three months is not such a long time and you may have to sell you bike for very little.
There should be no reason why you can't buy a bike as a tourist, although the Japanese system is not as rational as Europe's.
Tomorrow I will complete the transaction and see whether they need a place of residence for registration, maybe a hotel address will be okay, but maybe best not to tell them that it's a hotel.
I'll get back to you when I'm a little wiser!
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Thanks to Atslan 2004/7/6 23:16
Thanks it is really important information.

After you close your deal I will ask you some questions if it ok.
( you know for beater luck will wait for tomorrow )
Until then take care.
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tabun dame da! 2004/7/8 22:39
I closed the deal on a nice 400cc on Tuesday and I pick up the bike this Saturday.
The registration papers require that I present a (juminhiyo), it's basic form from the city office that proves I am a resident in the prefecture where the bike will be registered. I am pretty sure it will be required for all registrations and you can only get this form if you are a registered alien. A visitor on a tourist visa will not be registered therefore will not be intitled to a juminhiyo.
I bought my bike from a dealer therefore everything must be legal, you could get a registered friend to get the bike for you.
An international license will be good for only 3 months and again, you'll need to be a registered alien to apply for a Japanese license.
Which country will you be coming from?
If you can organise a job here and come on a working visa, you'll be able to register and buy a bike. Of course you only need work until you have your bike, then quit and travel Japan problem free and legally!
I am only a couple of days away from getting my motor running, but you won't believe how much of a pain in the arse most Japanese systems are!
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... 2004/7/9 08:03
international license will be good for only 3 months

My undrestanding is that international driving permits are good for one year after entering Japan.
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Congratulation !! 2004/7/10 22:43
Congratulation !!
Be careful driver and enjoy the riding!!
Probably I have to fiend same one to bay a bike for me.
But what about the insurance, if you lend the bike to anther person
Do you have to add him to you insurance document?

Uji thanks.
One year sounds mach better
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Buy Motocycle 2007/2/15 08:29
i am looking forward in buying a motocycle from japan a new model 2005 and up (gsxr 1000m yamaha R1 or Honda cbr 1000).
I wanted to know how high the prices are there and if there is any possibility to ship it to Germany !

What u think guys !

Thank you !
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buying bike travel japanfor 2 months 2008/1/7 17:24
Rider from Singaporen,plan to tours Japan on bike for 2 months start in March/08,To hire or to Buy?How much to buy a 200cc street bike in Tokyo?Please advise n Thanks in advand.
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Touring Japan by motorbike 2008/7/24 11:51
I just talked to the Consulate and they confirmed you need the juminhiyo to buy a bike in Japan. Very difficult to get the document to be a Registered Alien. Does anybody has had any experience buying a bike as an alien? Know of any other means to get a bike to tour Japan?

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Rentals and such 2009/5/21 15:57
Bike rental link
if you cant read learn or use google translator.
purchasing bikes in Japan then importing it is a waste of money. Yes they are made here but not legal here so they have to sell the bike to a foreign country and bring it back in. That is ruff over view but more details on line some where google is god.
Buying the motorcycle in the US on craigslist.org is a better bet for a bargain. I would do this and bring it over to Japan but testing and registering will be over a 1000 dollars. So what ever i bought cheap in the states will become the same price eventually over in Japan.

Back to rentals I have not read into it yet about the eligibility of renting one so please read and post.

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.. 2009/5/21 16:45
Some small generic info:

(1) The RIDER is defined to mean the person who rents the motorcycle and has signed the eRental Agreementf and any eTerms & Conditionsf applicable.

(2) The RIDER must prove to be at least 21 years of age to rent and ride the motorcycle.

(3) In order to rent and ride a motorcycle with an engine size of 251cc or greater, the RIDER must have and be in possession of a valid and UNRESTRICTED motorcycle class driverfs license. eUNRESTRICTEDf means a license valid for riding all sizes of motorcycle.

(4) In order to rent and ride a motorcycle with an engine size between 51cc and 250cc, the RIDER must have and be in possession of a valid motorcycle class driverfs license.

(5)In order to rent and ride a motorcycle with an engine size of 50cc, the RIDER must have and be in possession of a valid driverfs license.

(6) The RIDER, if not in possession of a valid Japanese license, is required to have in his/her possession a valid passport and a visa for Japan which is valid for the entire length of the rental period.

(7) The RIDER, if not in possession of a valid Japanese license, must have and be in possession of a valid eInternational Driving Permitf from the country where his/her license was issued. Please note Japan only recognizes international driverfs licenses that are issued by countries which have signed and ratified the 1949 "Geneva Convention on Road Traffic". However, as an exception to the above rule, a RIDER using a valid license from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, France or Taiwan is allowed to use their original license in Japan, however he/she must obtain and at all times be in possession of an official Japanese translation of their original license, in addition to the original license itself.

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yes you can buy 2009/12/1 14:22
A tourist CAN register as a resident. It is not required.
Once you register, you can get an alien registration certificate. You only need the certification paper, not the ID card. It can be issued right away.
This is the equivalent of a juminhyo (residence certificate) for Japanese citizens. Once you have that paper, you can buy a vehicle. Go to the city office of the place where you will be staying and discuss getting the paper.
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Answers to ya'll 2011/3/31 22:44
For purposes of licensing and registration, Japanese motorcycles are classed in three sizes. The smallest is 50 cc, midsize is between 100 and 125 cc., and the largest is 250 cc and over. Motorcycles in the largest class are required to have safety certifications, called "shaken."

You must have a valid motorcycle license in your home country and an international driving permit to buy a motorcycle. In addition, you must register as a temporary resident in the town office where you are staying. You will receive an alien registration certificate, which the dealer needs to process the sales transaction.

You can buy a motorcycle for export from any dealer, who will process the customs forms and "shaken" for you. If you plan to drive it in Japan, you need to purchase insurance. Many companies offer policies only to holders of resident alien (gaijin) cards, but some will insure travelers. Your dealer will probably be able to help you find such a company.

Learn and obey the laws and speed limits if you drive in Japan. Police in all major cities conduct regular speed checks, and tickets are expensive. Wear a helmet at all times, and park only in designated parking spots. Parking tickets are just as expensive as speeding tickets, and illegally parked motorcycles are regularly impounded.
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Purchasing bike in Japan 2011/4/12 18:17
I'm looking to purchase a 1000+cc bike in Japan. I do not yet have my "Ogata" or over 400cc license yet but the bike I want has come on the market and I am wondering if I can purchase it even though I don't have the right license to ride it yet. I am a resident of Japan.
Any help would be great.
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... 2011/4/13 08:58
The act of purchasing and operating are completely separate.

There's nothing stopping you from purchasing the bike. You don't even need a license to purchase a bike.

Once you have the bike, you DO need the appropriate license to operate it legally, otherwise if you get pulled over you could be in big trouble.
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