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LV store in japan 2008/6/4 09:18
Hi all,

I'll be going to japan for two weeks next week and wondering where there is an LV store? I'll be in osaka, kyoto and tokyo. any help would be awesome! :)

I'm also coming from Australia and wanted to know if it's cheaper or expensive to buy in Japan.
by Dee  

. 2008/6/4 18:53
They have Louis Vuitton stores all over Japan.

I have no idea if it'd be cheaper to purchase in Japan compared to Australia though. When I compared Japanese designer brands (LV, Dior, etc.) with American Beverly Hills prices, they were way cheaper in America.
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Duty free in Australia 2008/6/4 20:07
LV stores everywhere, as above- Omotesando, Roppongi, Ginza, Shinjuku and plenty of other locations in Tokyo.

You might want to check with the LV stores in Australia about buying duty free- I know the NZ ones do duty free sales, so it's likely the Australian ones do too, and that would be much cheaper than buying them full price in Japan- they are not particularly cheap here, as you would expect.
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... 2008/6/5 07:35
Thanks Dan and Kiwi! :)
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LV 2008/6/5 15:34
In Osaka Vuitton has a store on Midosuji avenue near Shinsaibashi. Big department stores often have a Vuitton boutique. Wherever you buy Vuitton try NOT TO BUY goods with the LV logo all over the place as this is so touristy and gauche. In France Hermes and Lanvin are much more valued than Vuitton. Vuitton lost a lot of status when they started being sold all over the place. Hermes and Lanvin are harder to find but worth it. Perhaps you should look for Japanese leather goods that you can't find in Australia and other countries. True fashionistas create their own style rather than imitating everyone else.
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:) 2008/6/6 09:24
Thanks Auntie Bert! Yeah I don't like the usual LV logo bag and still wanted to get one but maybe in a red or blue colour.

I will consider looking into authentic japanese bags coz it makes the trip an experience to remember.
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Louis Vuitton Japan Shop List 2008/6/9 08:41
Hi, Dee,

You can find Louis Vuitton Japan Shop List here.


Have a nice trip!

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* 2008/6/10 20:37
Thanks Mac! :) I'll check that website tonight.
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.. 2008/6/18 09:18
What are the japanesse brand leather bag? and Where can I buy them? I'll be in tokyo next week.
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blue label 2008/6/18 21:28

I'm currently in Japan and just bought a burberry blue label bag. You might want to look at this brand. It's the japanese version of burberry but they just add "blue label" to the name. Its more authentic then getting an LV bag which I originally had my heart on.
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