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Japanese Citizenship 2008/6/4 10:24
I am a nissei, but only my father is japanese. Do you know If it's possible that I can get a permanent resident visa and then I can become citizen?
Do you think I someone from a third-world country can have better conditions of life (job, entertainment, fods, Quality of life, etc) there?
thanks ppl
by Bob  

. 2008/6/8 02:33
As far as I know, being a nikkei or nisei or whatever you are doesn't help you get better chances of obtaining a permanent resident visa or becoming a citizen. However, if you are a Brazilian nikkei, it will be easier to come to live in Japan (although this has nothing to do with permanent resident visa).

Also my understanding is that coming from a third-world country has very little to do with conditions of job, entertainment, foods, quality of life, etc. It's more about learning the language, adjusting to the Japanese way of life, trying to be friendly with the locals and how hard you work that counts.
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