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How to track (maybe lost?) mail parcel? 2008/6/4 18:31
I sent (insured) parcel to Europe using SAL on 9th of May; it apparently left Japan on 13th of May, according to Japan Post's website.

Typically SAL has gotten to it's destination within week of leaving Japan, and the official guideline is 2-3 weeks from posting it. Should I be worried about the parcel being lost? It has been soon 4 weeks.

As I see it, the post only allows for local in-office inquiries, and while I can ask my friends to do it, it sounds tedious. Destination country's tracking system doesn't show the parcel at all, and the Japanese system typically stops showing any useful data once it leaves the country..

Any other options? Or is it early to be worried yet?
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. 2008/6/5 10:34
Even if you make an inquiry with Japanese Post Office, they need to contact the International Post Office in the destination country.

So the best thing you can do is contact the International Posti Office (Post Office handling international parcels) and ask for whereabouts the goods sent from Japan, giving all the information you've got (tracking number, when the goods left Japan, etc.)
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. 2008/6/5 16:12
The only traceable service Japan Post Offers for international posts are EMS and registered mail. With EMS you can track it from start to finish eg Japan and end country.

Normally Air Mail, SAL, ground are not traceable trackable.

Insured mail has a barcode on it that allows it only to be traced in Japan, not elsewhere.
Thats why the destination countries system doesn't even read it.

If it was EMS or Registered it would.

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