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Moving to Okinawa in November 2008/6/5 03:01
I am AF and moving to Okinawa in November. I would like to know about housing on and off base, internet, bringing 2 dogs, I have a 1 year old, work for spouse, things to see and do with little one in tow, any daycare for little one while spouse and I scuba, ect. Any information would be appreciated. I have never been overseas and never done any international travel before. I have no idea what to expect. Thanks everyone.
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welcome to Japan 2008/6/8 02:37
The U.S. Military base seems to offer almost everything for their employees and families. Ask them.

And while you're in Japan, feel free to merge with the locals too. You can ask the base or the local city hall for details on activities.
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... 2008/6/9 13:36
Welcome to Okinawa!

I suggest you start by looking at ww.okinawahai.com - this blog has info on all the nitty gritty daily living things in Okinawa, and it's run by people just like you. There you can get info and advice without the official military bias (and no, im not affiliated with that site, just a big fan).

Remember to take your time and research carefully and work out what it is you want form your time here.

Do you want to interact with Japanese people in a Japanese community or would you prefer the convienence and familiarality of an all-American setting?

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... 2008/6/9 21:40
Try this page, it should answer most of your questions. http://www.kadena.af.mil/library/newcomers/index.asp
You will have to put your pets in quarantine when you get there. I'm not sure but if you get on-base housing you may be able to quarantine your pets within your house. Off-base is going to cost you a small fortune. Talk to your sponsor, as they should be able to tell you more about this.

My son left his two cats with us because of the cost of quarantine.
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SCUBA 2008/6/9 21:48
As for SCUBA, try these websites for info.


Scroll down the left side bar on this site for a list of dive sites.


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